Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Traveling Shoes

My shoes have been in Israel. They were on the feet of a friend and they walked the streets of Jerusalem! I think that since I did not personally get to go to Israel, the next best thing was to send my shoes.  Now, I can say, my shoes have walked the streets that Jesus walked!
I have shoes that have traveled to other countries on the feet of a friend, and it has become a fond habit of mine. Traveling shoes take on new meaning as they walk with a friend, and then come back to me and I hear the stories through the eyes of someone else.
As I walk my journey of every day life, I want to wear the shoes of Jesus. I want to travel where He goes, see what He sees, and do what He does. I want to hear His perspective on everything. I want Him to take my shoes, and be in complete control of me, so truth reigns in my life.
Jesus, Say That Again to me. Enable me to wear Your shoes and travel with You, and give me the ability to give you my shoes. I'm Yours today.

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