Friday, June 1, 2012

The Messy situation

So, Fur Ball went with me today to run some errands. He likes going in the Land Rover, and sometimes I think his name should have been "Rover". He sits in the back seat, and sometimes in the front seat, never in the very, very back. If he feels like looking out the window then he sits in the front seat, if he wants to spread out and take a nap, then he goes to the back seat.
Today, he was in the back seat. We had several stops to make, one of them was by the lake so he could have a nice walk. It was a new place for him today and he was unsure about the people that were there. A couple times, he simply stopped and sat down, refusing to walk past them. "Fur Ball, come!" I would plead. But, he preferred that the travelers on the trail walked by us first, then he got up and continued on his way.
Our last stop was to the grocery store, and just as I parked the Rover and turned to say a word or two to Fur Ball he opened his mouth and lost his entire breakfast all over the back seat. EWWWW!! YUCK!  "Fur Ball, that is so gross!" I whined. And, my thoughts fondly went back to Stinky Dog and her misfortune in the back seat of my Land Rover.  "Fur Ball, did I tell you the story of Stinky Dog and what she did in the back seat of the Land Rover?" Fur Ball just sat there, and it seemed to me he was trying to decide whether or not to recycle his deposit.
I managed to clean up my seat, thanks to a baggie that was left by my children on the floor! And handy wipes that my husband kindly put in the front compartment for me. I was grateful that this time my children were in school and not here to witness the messy situation.
I left Fur Ball in the car and as I roamed through the grocery store I talked to God. It seems that there have been so many messy situations, and so much to clean up. I kept hearing Him say again and again that He is who he says He is, and battles are long, but they make warriors strong.  I have to let Him continue to clean up the messy situations, just like Fur Ball let me clean up his messy situation. I have to sit back, and rest in Him. It's not easy to give up control.
As I drove home I checked in with a friend and she could hear the waver in my voice. She reminded me that if I could see the battle that is all around me I would be praising my God for the rescue from the messy situations every day! And, I know that she is right. The truth is, God has promised that the battle is won, He is light, I am complete in Him, and though it appears to be a messy situation at times, victory reigns!
Say That Again, Jesus my King, You are the Victor!

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