Sunday, June 24, 2012

The House Banquet

God blessed us with a beautiful day, beautiful people, and many memories. The House Banquet for our community brought a wide variety of conversation, entertainment, and love. I was blessed, encouraged, and strengthened.
Near the end of the evening, a young women asked me if she could pray for me. I did not know this women, but felt deeply moved that she wanted to pray for me and pray for our ministry. She, along with two other women sat with me on the couch and she began a powerful prayer. She prayed for courage and boldness. She confessed to God that she believed the last two years had been difficult and long for both my husband and me, and that we had given much. She proclaimed that He had promised us a ministry of hope and He would follow through with prosperity and blessings. She asked that He bless us financially, and that He build a fire wall around me, yes, a FIRE WALL. Her prayer was deeply personal, loving, and meaningful to me, as if she knew me. The Spirit of God was clearly within her, deeply rooted, speaking to her, prompting her words. And, I knew God was in our circle, and I was hopeful.
It has been hard, many things have been hard. God has never promised easy. But, then He gives blessings like The House Banquet and it's fun and inspirational, and I see lives touched for His Kingdom.
Jesus, This Ministry that You have blessed my husband and I with is Your ministry, and I want to hold it with open hands. I want it to always be used for Your Kingdom to be a blessing for You.
Say That Again Jesus, use this ministry as a blessing for Your Kingdom.

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