Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Strawberry Shortcake

My kids have had a lot of Strawberry Shortcake this summer. They like to skip the entree and eat the shortcake for the main course, with plenty of whip cream.  They have fun .
This morning as I was reading in Psalms  19, I read this verse:
"God's Word is better than a diamond, better than a diamond set between emeralds.
You'll like it better than strawberries in spring, better than red ripe strawberries.
There's more. God's Word warns us of things and directs us to hidden treasure."
God's Word directs me to Jesus! His Word puts me in tune with His Spirit and warns me of traps and lies. It prepares me with an Armor, and gives me a place to rest.
Jesus, Your Word is the Main Course that sustains me.  You feed me and give me breath.  Say That Again, Jesus Your Word is flesh in the midst of all your people, and it is Treasure.

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