Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Grip

My Bible fell open to Psalms 37 this morning, and the first verse I saw was on the Message side of my Bible. This is what I read, "If he stumbles he's not down for long, God has a grip on his hand." Then a couple verses down, I read this: " "not once have I seen an abandoned believer."
I thought of the many times that I have FELT alone or I have FELT like God hasn't heard me. But, the truth is, He has a grip on my hand, and never has He abandoned me, not once. I am a believer, and He stays by my side, all the time. He is deeply rooted within my heart, and it is there that He will stay. Today, as God and I move together my focus is meditation on His Word and all that He has promised. He is God and He has a grip on my hand--Captured. He does all that He says He will do; therefore I will live abandoned in His presence.
Say That Again, Holy Jesus, Your Grip is on me, You never abandon those that believe in You.

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