Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Preparation

Today we are having The House Banquet at our ministry. As a Team we have been talking and planning for this a long time. Now, the day is here. The members on my team have put a lot of time and energy into this day, and I am hopeful that everything turns out well.
I have been in my office, praying. I have been praying that God will keep the rain clouds away, and that He will bring the exact people to this banquet that He wants here. I don't know what to expect. We have music. We have children that will entertain with their juggling skills. We have a great MC. We have wonderful food. But above all of that, I desire for the people that come to know that we, Agape Celebration, love Jesus.
We have been preparing a Banquet. This has been a lot of work. Jesus is preparing a Banquet for me right now, and someday I will sit down at the table with Him and we will eat together. It will be far more magnificent than what I have going on here tonight. I've been thinking a lot about His Banquet though, and I wonder what it feels like for Him. What does Jesus think about? So many people turn away the gifts He has to offer, He has a free banquet going on.
Jesus, Say That Again. Keep Telling me what You have for me, and keep me in Your arms of mercy today. I need to rest there.

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