Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Summer Adventure

This has been the first week of summer vacation, my children are out of school and there is no homework! We have a tent in our back yard on the hill full of teddy bears and pillows, sleeping bags and foam mats. The neighbors visit on a regular basis. The Lego is firmly embedded in the carpet, and there are no matching socks for my daughter. The realization that I have to make lunch everyday has slammed into my brain like a big question mark as I peer into our mostly empty refrigerator!! What will I make today?? I made a list of chores for my children yesterday. Life doesn't need to be all about play, right? So, as I placed the chores before them, "wash dishes, clean room, pick up toys" my son started in right away. My daughter, on the other hand began to wail. She stomped up to her room and began to clean, crying the entire time about how impossible it was for her to clean her room. "I can't do this, this is too hard for me, why do I have to do this." In the mean time, my son did all his chores and finished the remainder of hers.
As she was wailing away, I was reminded of how I feel so often.  I have felt just like she does this week. I'll probably feel that way today! My husband and I are having to make so many changes and adjustments in our life that I often cry out to God just like my daughter "I can't do this, this is too hard for me, why do I have to do this?"
Then, He reminds me that I am the one that asked to be used His way for His Kingdom. Both my husband and I have diligently prayed and given Him all that we have, for Him to use however He sees fit. We are in a position right now where we have to sell our Ministry house, this is painful. Yet, God has promised to keep us in His hands and to fully use us for His Kingdom. He has promised to expand our territory, the territory of my heart, and hearts of my family and friends. He is God and He keeps His promises. I don't know what it will look like, but it will be good.
Just like with my daughter, once she finished her room, it was good. She made it through. She was happy again, her room was clean, and the rest of her chores had been gracefully done for her, by her brother.
Jesus, I need a lot of grace today for so many areas of my life. I need Your strength and courage. I'm not sure where You are taking me, but I am sure it will be an adventure. Say That Again, Jesus,  we are on a summer adventure!

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