Monday, June 4, 2012

The RV Park

Fur Ball, my children, and I have been taking the daily trek to the RV park. Fur Ball and I walk, my children ride their bikes. The bike ride starts out down hill, but then before long it is a steep incline the majority of the way. My children have amazing energy. When we get to the RV park, it's basically a parking lot with camping trailers in it. My kids race around, skidding their tires, and I let Fur Ball off his leash and he bounces about like Tigger. He runs through the long grass, joyfully playing. We continue our walk, on a path that takes us to an overlook of the lake where we normally go fishing. We mull around for awhile and always discuss how fun it would be to have a zip line to ride from our high point to the other side of the lake. Fur Ball searches for smelly things to roll in, and then my children decide it's time to go back, because for them the fun is just beginning. They get to ride their bikes down the hill.
For me, it's another practice of letting go and praying. I go through the same speech with them each time  telling them to stay on the side of the road, not to go to fast, where I will meet them, etc....I feel a little anxious inside and start to pray for God to build a hedge around them as they whip around the corners at full speed. I breathe. I work at knowing how much God loves my children and believe that His hand is upon them, and I tell myself that they can ride down a hill without me hovering over them!  By the time I've told myself and God all this stuff, my children are already home, with their bikes parked beside the house.
God continues to challenge me, asking me to completely let go. He has given me the beautiful gift of family, and the responsibility of children. As they grow, they go, and I know they want to fly away. He is the One that keeps them safe and watches over them. He is the One that gives me the wisdom I need to raise them, and trust them, and certainly enjoy them.
He has done this with me, He has watched me run free, up hills and down. He has allowed me to explore, and choose, ask questions, discover, be in His Presence and learn, without judgment.  like Fur Ball in the RV park, and my children riding down the hill--Jesus, Say That Again, You are freedom, You are Joy. And, You bring me and Your children to places of exploration and discovery.

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  1. I like this picture, and the imagery of God protecting us and encouraging our growth and freedom! Kathy


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