Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Eyes of a Child

Last weekend There was an Iron Man event in our town. Every year when this happens it gets a little crazy with traffic and a lot of people. The route of Iron Man happens to be the same route we have to travel to get home, so if we are in town that weekend we get to experience a lot of bikers and runners.
My children are often fascinated by all of it, and this year, while watching some of the runners they both asked me this questions: "Mom, are you going to be in Iron Man next year?"  Pretty sweet question, but no! I think I'll stick with tag, and walks up the hill. But, what I realized is that to my children, they see a mom that can do anything. To them, asking that question was so matter of fact. To me, it was completely out of the realm of all possibilities! They have such child-like faith in life, and in me. Life is simple and good, so why wouldn't I run in Iron Man?
This morning I read Isaiah 35, and it's all about the future Zion. The wilderness will sing joyously, like crocus in the spring. Fear souls will have courage, blind eyes will be open. There will be a Holy road, and no lions or dangerous animals will be on it. Nothing threatening. We will be welcomed home with gifts of joy and gladness as all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night!
That sounds pretty nice to me, and God says it all the time, simply and in such a matter of fact way. He knows it, and He desires me to look towards this future. This earth is not my home. I am His child, and with faith I strive to look heavenward.
Jesus, Say That Again, soon You will welcome me home, along with all Your children, into the gates of Zion, and we will rejoice together!

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