Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Surprise Party

In celebration of our anniversary our children and our friends surprised us with a party.  They gifted us with a trip to the place we honeymooned 30 years ago and made us a beautiful cake. They brought dinner, and barbecued steak. It was the most delightful, fun evening!
God has given both my husband and I many years together, and through out those years He has filled our lives with amazing people. Sons, that love us, and have grown into strong Godly men.  God continually brings me back to this place of seeing the relationships in my life, who they are, the constant, loyal lovers of my heart. The family and the friends that express in such tender ways how much they love me, and love my husband. The thing that I find so incredible about God is that He knows my deepest needs, the ones at the heart level, and He meets them. He inspires parties, He brings passion, He plays, He adds adventure and mystery and joy. The Surprise Party did all of this for me, and I needed that.
Say That Again, Holy Jesus, You are a God of adventure, passion, mystery, and joy. The path we travel together fills my deepest needs.

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