Friday, June 15, 2012

The Mischief

The first week of summer, our adventure of five days, has made me stronger and given me new and wiser strategic mothering methods. I will implement more chores on a daily basis when I discover that four rolls of toilet paper have been skillfully placed all about my bedroom while I'm in the shower! Of course, the chores are only there to help pay for more toilet paper, a very basic need, which I might add was also skillfully strewn about the family room.
I've casually mentioned the value of making beds, now that my husband and I have discovered that our bed has been short-sheeted twice this week. There seems to be a lot of mischief in the house, running all about, doing this and that, playing jokes on me!
This morning I was thinking of Stinky Dog and all her mischief. She stole food off the counter, pizza, cookies, whatever she could find, all the time. She, of course had an issue loosing bodily fluid from both ends, and she was rather stinky, at times. She had a pretty big mischief going on when she would run like a crazy dog out into the street and bite someone, all for the sake of protecting her family, in her mind. She crowded my husband off the bed, and paced back and forth in the family room when someone took "her" chair. But, to me, she was perfect. I didn't care about any of that stuff, I loved her anyway, mischief and all.
Just like my kids and their summer adventures. Toilet paper, sheets, dirty hands, ill-manners, I love the hearts they have. I love that they tromp back and forth with their Lego from our house to the neighbor. I love that they play in the woods, ride their bikes, eat ice cream with me, climb trees, cuddle up for movies, love popcorn, wear mismatched clothes, and live freely. If they are happy, they smile. If they are angry they yell. If they are sad, they cry! I learn a lot from my children.
Today we have a chore to do and my daughter said "Oh poop" she doesn't want to help.  She would rather play, or get into more toilet paper. I would rather read. But, life can't always be about the mischief or the fun things we want to do.
Thank you Jesus for another day, Hold me today and get me through this day. Say That Again, You love my heart, even with all my mischief!

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