Friday, June 22, 2012

The Motorcycle

My son drove my motorcycle for the first time by himself.  He was very excited. My husband stood by, feeling rather impressed. For me, I saw a future of biting my nails, concerned over my son's safety as he heads into the horizon on a motorcycle.  I know, it's my motorcycle. I use to ride it all the time, but lately, my husband has used it more. It's a little small for him and he gets teased about the smallness of it. He's even had an accident on it---and lived to talk about it!  Before I know it, my daughter will driving down our street on my motorcycle, and I'll have to spend the entire day wearing knee pads, because I won't be able to get up from praying.
God, help me remember that You are the One in control. You love me and You love my children. You have asked me to pray without ceasing for a reason. You have promised to take my burdens and make them light, to protect, fulfill, love, and never forsake.
Say That Again, it is Your promise!

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