Friday, June 8, 2012

The Coffee Service

My husband and I went out for an anniversary lunch; it was delightful. The company was especially good! The restaurant overlooked the lake, and a scenic hill. The food was good, but being a lover of coffee, I had to take a picture of the little coffee tray that came with my cup of coffee! It was my favorite part and it made me want to go there again just for dessert and coffee!  My tray was generously graced with cream, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, and biscotti.
I've thought about the coffee service tray a lot since my lunch date. The impact of the thought put into that service made an impression on me. I've talked about it, shared the picture with others, noticed that it has left a positive feeling inside of me. When I talk to God about it, He reminds me that this is what He is doing for me everyday. He is offering me His beauty, glory, and opportunities to serve Him in positive ways. The ability to focus on Him and not on my circumstances will further His Kingdom and reflect His glory.
Jesus, You grace my life with opportunities. Enable me to use those times to serve Your Kingdom and reflect Your Image. Say That Again, Jesus, even through the problems I face, You enable me to focus on You and see Your beauty.

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