Friday, June 15, 2012

The Weeds

We have a lovely rock patio in our back yard with a swing that sits on one end. In between all the rocks, grows sweet smelling thyme, and in between the thyme, weeds. The rock patio is my favorite spot in our yard. I had a chance to spend some time in our back yard yesterday, and pull the weeds out of the thyme. I also sat in the swing, and rocked, it was very nice. Fur Ball and Naughty Dog were with me. Fur Ball sat and watched as I pulled weeds, but Naughty dog realized right away that his collar was not on and he could easily escape the yard without consequence.  I called Naughty dog as he darted down the hill into the neighbors yard and her newly planted flowers, but Naughty dog feigned deafness.  Lucky for me the neighbor, who I will say does not like Naughty dog, was on the other side of her house with her ear buds in, she did not see him or hear me. Naughty dog pranced about her yard sniffing her new flowers and claiming each one as his own. I decided to feign ignorance and went back to my weeds.
As I was pulling away, thinking of Naughty dog and all his misdeeds, each one of them being like a pesty weed. I turned on myself and then on God! "Life is full of weeds, and it feels like I am pulling at them all the time!"
That would be sin, we live in a world that is full of it. But, God's grace is fuller! He has to keep reminding me of this everyday, as I dart down the hill, God whispers in my ear. "My grace and my love are here with you today."
I do not know what today will hold, but I do know He holds me. And, so even with the weeds, on I go, He will continue to pull them, and I will continue to give them.  Jesus, Say That Again to me, You hold onto me and Your love is continuous as You work in my life!

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