Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Good Advice

A couple weeks ago I was at the lake with a friend and we were sharing with each other. I shared my sense of urgency to just move on, my need to be done with where I am now and get on to the next stage. I was feeling uncomfortable with the place God had me in and I really was done!
She simply suggested that I not concern myself with time. She reminded me that I am not a citizen of this world, but of heaven, and time here means nothing. I have eternity! FOREVER! Today is nothing to God, to Him my time on earth is but a puff of smoke, and if I can think in the same manner and live for eternity, it changes everything.  It was a welcome reminder, and I'm thinking about it again today. Living in Jesus today, for eternity.
He has already set me in the heavenly realm, right? He has transferred me right there beside His throne to be with Him forever, so why do I fret over time? I have eternity.
I do not have to accomplish everything or anything, only what He puts upon my heart today. Time with Him.
Jesus, Say That Again, I need You, I seek You, I have eternity with You. Thank You.

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