Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Piggyback Ride

My son is growing faster than a weed. His feet are now much bigger than mine, and he thinks its the greatest that his shoes make my feet look tiny! When I pick him up after school, the first thing he wants to do is lift me up and show me how much stronger he is ! Now, he wants to give me piggy back rides, and much to my surprise, he gets pretty far!
My heart is all tangled up in this little boy! He brings me so much joy, and I have been blessed with ten years of watching God grow him. His eyes sparkle when he laughs, and when he teases his sister he is full of mischief. He loves to cuddle and wrestle and hang out with his older brothers.  He has taught me a lot about relationship. Each day with him is a new adventure.
Today, I am soaking in the blessings of family. The joy of all my children, the richness of piggy back rides, the warmth of grandchildren, the love of daughter in laws, the circle of everyone together. Today I am feeling overwhelmed with the blessing of what God has given me, because I know it is a richness that cannot be purchased or replaced. He has touched my soul with piggy back rides, they are the hand of God!
Jesus, Say That Again, Your blessings are so abundant, I cannot begin to count them. You have showered me with them!

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