Friday, May 11, 2012

The Stinky Fur Ball

As I was working around the house this afternoon I noticed an unpleasant smell. Upon investigation, Fur Ball was the guilty one. All that fur had become a stinky ball of poop. Poor Fur Ball!! He truly thought that walking in Stinky Dogs paw steps meant he had to stink!
For me, I was not impressed. I had already had a stinky morning and even wrote it all out to God and then took it outside and burned it. God and I had some deep and meaningful time together--then Fur Ball decided to add more stink to my day.
I considered my options: I could just put Fur Ball outside and pretend I knew nothing. Then, later when my husband and kids arrived home, and I was at work they would discover the stinky poop Ball. Whoops!
I could just hold my nose and hope for the best!
Or, I could give him a bath. After a firm talking to about what it really means to follow Stinky dogs paw steps, I decided to give Fur Ball a bath. Now, it was his turn to be unimpressed.
I managed to clean him up, and fondly thought of Stinky Dog in the process. Fur Ball prefers showers, but when he makes poop balls he doesn't always get what he prefers.
And so it is with life, filled with joy, and trials, and not always what I want. But, this I know, life here is not my home. Heaven is my home, and I'm living for eternity. Say That Again, Lord Jesus, heaven is my home!

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