Friday, May 11, 2012

The Simple and The Complex

My husband told me yesterday that he was a simple man, and it's true. He loves a simple life and simple pleasures, with simple joys.  It's his ability to be simple that makes him so genius. It's his love for the simple that attracted me, and that gives me trust and safety. He is kind, wise, tender, loving. and manages to keep all those traits simple.
Me? Not so much. I live a more complex format. I take all the simple and turn it into puzzles, mazes, twists and turns. Because I'm complex and I like to look at all the angles, and, well, there's always a deeper issue, right? I have questions, about everything, my brain continually likes to wonder, figure, investigate, and check....that is complex, which is why God gave me someone like my husband, he knows how to be simple. He's an example of rest.
I am learning that Jesus is more simple, He really has a single focus which is relationship. He wants to be in relationship with me, to love me and know me. He is asking me to come to Him and be with Him. Its rather simple. The steps to get to Him all involve relating to Him, actively talking, confessing, spending time with Him.  Pretty simple, really. Trusting Him, another big relationship step. It's a dance with Him, a simple daily dance.  Yet, maybe, there are those days that it is more complex, because there is an enemy involved and  I have to know how to navigate the puzzles, the mazes, the corners, etc...with Him.
The Simple and The Complex, Say That Again, Jesus, it's really all about You, and Your leading.

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