Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Lump in my Throat

My Grandson was born today. His mother is strong and courageous. His father brave, compassionate, and trustworthy. This little boy is blessed. I know that he coming into a family that will love him with such a passion, he will never doubt  it for a moment. I know that his parents will raise him in such a way that he will know his God, he will know his identity, he will be able to dance with the Spirit of God, and his heart will sing!
As I watched my daughter in law push her way through labor, I was challenged with a lot of emotions. As I gazed upon my own son, I was especially met with a roller coaster of emotions. My son, now a man, having his very own son, is facing a whole new adventure in life. He is about to open his heart to a different kind of love, a new kind of hurt, a bigger joy, and an unbelievable willingness to give of self for this little life. How can one little person change life so much?
My children have tugged, pulled, and ripped at my heart everyday! Just being in the room with this experience was an amazing experience for me, a tugging, a pulling, sometimes a ripping. My heart wanted to rescue my daughter in law from her pain, I wanted to hurry things up and spare my son from the wait. I wanted to know that everything would be okay, and not have to wait on God in faith. The lump in my throat was often so big it felt as if it would never go away. Yet, I'm just the mom, the onlooker, for them it was far more intense.
Jesus, You have brought a new life into our lives. You have given my son and daughter in law a wonderful son, thank you. You are good, You provide in amazing ways. You have blessed me with the opportunity to be a witness to all of this. Say That Again to me, Jesus, I am blessed to be witness to all that You have done. Thank you.


  1. He is a beautiful addition to your already beautiful and amazing family. I love you guys and I am so happy for you and the joy that Isaiah will and has brought with him.

  2. Congrats to you and the family! What a cutie. Such a blessing and named after my favorite book. :)

    T in AB


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