Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The First Hike

Fur Ball and I went for a hike today behind our house. I told him it use to be one of Stinky Dogs favorite things to do, and it was the last hike she took. He wasn't that impressed, actually. I've determined that Fur Ball has poodle syndrome.  He stayed pretty close to me as we took the trek up the hill and when we made it to the top, I took him to my favorite log bench, so we could take pictures. Once again, he thought it was all a bit of a bore. He kept turning his head towards home, and it seemed to me he was thinking of the chair and the shower! Maybe he really does want to have pom poms!!
I continued to talk to him about all the fun times we have had as a family on top of the hill and how Stinky dog use to run and run on this hill. He did venture out a little bit and explored, then he ventured towards home and I chased after him...."Fur Ball, Fur Ball, come back!" 
It reminded me of how sometimes God brings me to places and He tries to tell me that it is good and He is with me and there is purpose, but my head is turned in another direction. I can't hear Him or see what He is talking about because I want something else or I have another idea. But, He is right there with me, talking to me, calling to me, right on the mountain top or in valley! He has everything to offer me, all that I need right where I am. 
Jesus, Say That Again to me, even with the problems, You are equipping me to live with You on the mountain top and the valley, in your presence. Thank you.

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