Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Abiding Presence

God has been sending me to John 15 rather frequently lately, the Vine chapter. I read from there again this morning. As I read the verses, I could hear Him gently whispering, "rest Bethany, you need to rest in Me."
With summer coming, my schedule has eased, my kids will be with me, and I will be resting. But I have a sneaky feeling that is not what God is talking about. "Rest, what exactly are we looking at here?"
"Abide in Me and I will equip you for the road ahead, I am Your Companion the entire way." He said to me.
I remember a few years back when I realized it was God speaking to me about  the need to pray or read my bible,  so I made the commitment to Him that whenever I had the thought to pray or read my bible I would stop whatever I was doing and I would spend time with Him. We were just going into summer that year too, and my schedule was clearing, and now that I look back I picture God with a smirk on His face and little chuckle in His voice. That summer I spent hours a day praying and reading my bible, because He constantly brought it to my mind, and I kept my promise to Him. It was an amazing summer with God. It was restful.
He is calling me back to that much rest, at least for now. As I continue to walk the road He has laid out before me, His abiding Presence will be the best road map I could ever have. It's a peaceful and safe one. And, I will continue to enter there with my family and with friends in fellowship.
Jesus, Say That Again, You are the Vine and in Your Presence You equip me with all that I need today.


  1. Thank you!!! God has been telling me to rest lately and honestly I didn't have a clue what that looked like except I was going bonkers not doing a bunch of things. I'm used to go go go and this rest idea is beyond foreign. Thank you for what God has shown you is rest :-) love you

  2. Keep me posted on how your resting goes! I will pray that it builds relationship with Him. Love you too!


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