Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Embrace

I have a friend that has been in my life for many years and we talked this morning on the phone. We have often checked up on each other through the years just to see how the other is doing. Today was a good day for checking, we both needed to be embraced through words.  I needed to be reminded that God embraced me, before I was even born, that He took my sin-dead life and made me alive in Christ. He took me and  set me in the highest heaven in the company of Jesus!
Sometimes, I forget. Sometimes I forget that there really is a battle going on, that the enemy is after my heart. Sometimes I forget that the victory is already won, and Jesus has me in His Embrace. Secure. Sometimes, I panic. I just do, and I need someone to remind me that it's time to sit back and breathe.
My praise today is that God sends people to embrace me, often they do not even realize they are embracing me. He knows. I'm praising Him because His truth is always made known to me. He kindly touches me and loves me. I know He leads me.
So, for right now, I'm embraced. I will praise Him for this lavish gift.
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus, You have gifted me with the embrace of Your love.

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