Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Small Town

I went into town with my sister in-law today and we had a great time. She showed me the house she grew up in, the school she went to. She showed me the mall, the pharmacy, and various places of interest. She told me that there was a grocery store in town that locals could shop at and then the owner would delivery all their groceries to them right to the door! This is something I did not know about small towns. She loved growing up here, she's been here all her life, her children have been raised in this area, her roots are here. She knows all the people in the town, this is home.
This is how God wants me to feel about His home. This how He wants me to feel about His Body.  He wants me to know His people, to be comfortable, and feel deeply rooted wherever I go.  He wants me to take my friends and show them around with interest and love. He wants me grow my family up In Him, lift my friends up, build them up In Him, enable them to feel at home. Wherever I am, I am at home IN Him, deeply rooted, loving Him and loving others. Supporting the calling and gifting of others, reaching out to Jesus, delivering the message of Who He Is, celebrating the Kingdom of unity. Yes!
Say That Again to me Jesus, my small town is In you today, I will be deeply rooted IN You and You will enable me to build up Your Body and live wildly and boldly IN You today!

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