Sunday, August 7, 2011

The King

I've been reading a series of books, The Chronicles of the Kings, by Lynn Austin. It's about the old testament kings in the Bible. My husband has read all of these stories to our children out of the Bible, and they have been very interesting.  But, I have to say, Lynn brings a whole new level of color to these characters. She has had me on the edge of my seat many times and had me in tears. She has also brought me back to my Bible to look up the stories again for reference.
Her main focus has been King Hezekiah, he entered his reign with most of his nation worshiping idols. Evil was prominent, and he had no idea where to turn or what to do. He grew up with an evil father, the king, that sacrificed his own children, to evil gods.
Hezekiah, turned to God, He destroyed all the idols and sought God's will and it says in the Bible that there was no king like Hezekiah before him or after. God truly blessed him for seeking to lead his nation in the will of the Father.
As I have traveled through these books, I have thought of my own life and my own nation. How often do I choose an idol over my God? How often do I choose family over God? friendship over God? Myself over God? Ministry over God? Anytime I put something or someone above my God, I have made them an idol in my life! And, what about the nation I live in? Is this a christian nation? Or do we just say it is? Do we as a nation allow idols in high places? Are we teaching our children to worship idols rather than worship God?
What about my church? When I go to church, do I leave there having learned to truly worship my God or the music? Or maybe the pastor, or the service? Why am there? Is it to surrender my all and to serve others? Or to be filled?
God has commanded me to have no other God's before Him. Will He be able to say of me that there was no one like Bethany before me or after?
Jesus, Say That Again, You ask of me my worship. You are here to accept me, even though I am not worthy of You. You ask me to give my all, so You can say " well done, Bethany"

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