Saturday, August 6, 2011

The American Nightmare

The big gorgeous house. Nice luxury cars. At least two vacations to the tropics. A plump retirement fund. The perfect job. Nice clothes, lovely shoes, purses. Oh, and well behaved children. All Americans know that if they put their mind to it, they can accomplish this and so much more. We are determined! I am determined. I have always liked a good challenge. Just give me a competition, and I'm in the game! And so the nightmare begins.
As I continue to look at the life of Jesus, it is because of Him the American dream is an American nightmare. He is asking me to give it all to Him, not gather it all for myself. He is asking me to share, not horde it all up. He is asking me to rely on Him to meet my needs, not to rely on myself. He tells me that I will not grow weary if I am resting IN the power of HIS Spirit. But, if I am working in my own strength, I will certainly grow weary.
My American Dream? It is Jesus and Him alone. Anything else is a nightmare.
Say That Again, Jesus, You, Your power, and nothing else!

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