Sunday, August 14, 2011

The River Float

We spent the day with friends on the river yesterday. It was a great day. Most of our friends were camping in their trailers or tents. We just drove up for the day. It was a beautiful drive. When we arrived, my friend offered the kids cinnamon rolls and me coffee. It was relaxing, friendly, and fun.
After lunch, we all gathered together, about 15 of us and shuttled up the road with our tubes so we could float down the river. Another exciting adventure in our summer. My husband tied our son and daughters tubes to ours and then we were off. We started off pretty fast and headed for the brush right away, naturally, I had to duck otherwise I would have lost my hat, or my head. There were branches sticking out everywhere and we were going at a good pace, it was fun. Our six year old daughter was cheering us on, and it felt like a good start. It was a good start, it slowed down eventually  and the water deepened. Our kids jumped off their tubes to swim and explore the water, it was cold. Further down the river, it became shallow again and we found ourselves stuck on rocks, needing to lift ourselves up off our tubes to enable the flow of water under the tube and get ourselves going. Still further down, my husband and two children were lodged on one side of a large log, while I was stuck on the other side, unable to get under the log and continue the journey down the river.
Eventually, we did get to our campsite, where  friends that did not float were waiting. They were getting worried because it took us longer than they had anticipated. And, it was a long float, so they were happy to see us, and we were happy to be there!
Many times on our float God reminded me of how the journey down has been so much like my walk with Him. I've gone fast at times, not bothering to wait for Him, and in the process I get all scratched up and I loose my head completely! At some point I come to my senses and slow down, ready to listen and ponder where I've been, what He is saying and where He wants me to go and do. Other times, I might decide to jump in the deep end all alone and go exploring on my own, thinking I've got it all covered, but suddenly I find myself in shallow waters and I'm hitting the rocks and getting bruised and cut, I need a life line!  I've got to be held up  and let the water flow beneath me so I can go again. I can't do it on my own. Then, I start going, I'm connected with my family, its all going great, and what do I do? I get  stuck on the other side of a log because maybe I'm too busy looking at myself or something other than Jesus. I can't get anywhere, can't see anything, I'm just stuck. I need help! It takes prayer, it takes Jesus, it takes others to get me on the other side of the log and running smoothly again.
Finally, I can stay connected to my Jesus on a regular basis, and to my family, the river is flowing, I'm praying, I can see my family and friends waiting for me. Yes! God is good!
Jesus, Say That Again, You are my River of Life, and You are guiding the tube that I am riding.

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