Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Crazy Dog

We took our dog with us to the river yesterday. She did not have a good time. She encountered a lot of black flies, and they were constantly landing on her and biting her. She was frantically trying to catch them and eat them before they landed on her, but she was unable to keep up with them. They were driving her crazy. She was so frantic she was unable to rest. She could not drink, she could not eat, she could not sit still. She was behaving like a crazy dog. I sprayed her with bug spray, and it did seem to help a little, but but then, she was convinced that the flies were there even if they weren't and she would nip at herself anyway. She would run in circles trying to kill imaginary flies, or jump in the air hoping to catch a fly, just in case. Her eyes were as big as saucers, and she was exhausted.  I have decided that my dog is not a country dog, she belongs in the city on the couch or the bed, far away from flies.
This is like the Enemy, He attacks at all sides. If I allow him too, He will exhaust me. I will become frantic in my efforts to kill him, never stopping to rest, or drink. I will never be able to keep up, and I will become a crazy women if I attempt to overcome on my own. I will run around in circles in an imaginary effort of making my way to heaven, when in reality I'm stagnant with craziness. As I'm circling around in my bondage, Jesus has the key to unlock me. He knows how to break the circle, get me out of the crazy circle, give me rest, show me how to get away from all the pesky flies! It's called surrender. In His grace and His love, I can surrender to Him and I can grow.
My dog found relief as the evening air cooled and she was able to rest in our truck. It was good. She was relieved to sleep and not have to fight the flies. She surrendered herself to sleep, and she didn't mind that we went off to play without her. She trusted that we would be back and that we knew what was best for her.  She didn't feel crazy anymore. It had been a long hard day for her.
Fighting the enemy on my own is long and hard. Jesus does it better.  In His word, He promises me that He will fight for me.  He will fight for me! I have often had to remind myself of that.
Jesus, Say that again to me, You will fight for me today, and tomorrow, thank you!

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