Thursday, August 25, 2011

The School Supplies

My Children and I hit the road again early this morning. I had high hopes of beating the crowds and getting all their school supplies and uniforms neatly tucked away in shopping bags before noon. I'm not sure what world I was living in, but it wasn't the real one.
We made it to the school to register my daughter, because that's still one mundane task I had not yet conquered this summer. While we were there, the office manager offered to show us around the school so we were able to see the art room, the pottery room, and all the classrooms, It was pretty cool.
By the time we made it to the store it was 11:00, and I knew my hopes of being home by noon were toast. The kids waded through piles of polo shirts of every color trying to decide what colors they wanted to wear all year long. Little grumbles muffled under their breath because they were not excited about the idea of uniforms at school.
As we shuffled down the aisle with school supplies, I found myself feeling dizzy with all the choices. Too much stuff and hardly aware of where to start, the crayons, the rulers, the paper? Whatever happened to simplicity? Why do only the boys have to take wipes to school and not the girls? Where am I going to find this particular brand of watercolors? And, do they sell healthy snacks?
"What's my first day in heaven going to be like?" I wonder if it will feel anything like my daughter when she goes to first grade? :) I know, it sounds kinda silly, but will I know what I'm doing, where anything is? Will I feel like a little kid that is just exploring all around for the first time and has a ton of stuff to learn? Will I be checking out my new supplies? Will I just be in total awe of Jesus that I won't be able to leave His presence, and I'll just be hanging out at His throne, watching, all the time. Whispering is exclamations my joys and dancing in delight at the celebration in my heart. "I've arrived! I am finished, He has supplied me every color of His heart, look at life, I am here, He is here, Yippee!!"
I know that heaven will not be like buying school supplies. It'll be better. I know that sitting at the feet of Jesus is all that I need. He got me through the aisles today, and my kids have their stuff, almost all of it. Life is full of supplies, but only Jesus can give us the supplies we really need.
Say That Again Jesus, You will supply me with the needs of my heart, You will restore my soul and give me rest, You are good.

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