Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bee Sting

While visiting my brother in law in Canada our daughter  was stung by a bee. She was with my husband looking for treasure and a bee got stuck in her hair. She was trying to get it out, and in the process it stung her on the eyelid, twice. She was not happy, and it hurt. The pain didn't last too long, but the next day when she woke up, her eye was swollen shut. It stayed swollen shut for three days, and then it turned black and blue. Just as her eye was healing up, she got stung again on the back of her leg. Now, her leg is swollen, twice the size as it should be. Darn bee.
We went swimming. My son threw the key to the gate over the pool and it went in the bushes behind my husband and I. I stood on a chair to try to peer down into the bushes hoping to find the key, instead my hand found a bee. Ouch, he stung me. We had some ointment in the truck for bee sting so I put that on my hand, but the pain was shooting up my arm and I was sick, nauseated. Now it was my turn to not be happy! Darn bee.
My hand is normal today, no swelling, no pain. But, I am reminded again how quickly the enemy can attack. Be on guard!  Jesus is my safeguard. He is my power, His Spirit soars within me, the force of the wind blows the enemy away and protects me and my family. Through Him I have all authority over the enemy. Through His Power I am free. The enemy stings, and I begin to swell in bondage. Thankfully, I have the healing hand of Jesus.
Jesus, Say That Again, You are my Rear guard. You build a Hedge around me to protect me. You are my Safety. 

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