Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Obligation

My summer has been very busy, which means my kids have been busy. I have had to leave the house fairly often to run errands or go to my office and they have had to come with me. This has been the big summer complaint. They think I should coordinate my schedule with their friends so I am always home at the exact time as their friends, that way they can all get in the optimal play time.
Having heard their frustration all summer long, I was beginning to feel somewhat of an obligation to stay home a little more. After all, it is summer and I do want them to have some summer fun. So, I made an effort to stay home to consolidate my errands yesterday and go out for a minimal amount of time, consequently we were home the majority of the day. They got in a lot of play time. And, I like being at home too.
I began to think about my obligation to God, what is it? If He has set me free, do I have an obligation? Am I free to do whatever I want? My freedom is IN Christ, He is the one that has set me free, so it is to Him I am obligated.
I set my kids free to play all day in the neighborhood, that didn't mean they could run up the hill and play on the interstate. They had to do the right thing, honor me, and obey.
God has given me freedom, in that freedom I am obligated in every area of my life to honor Him. I am a slave of righteousness, obligated to live a holy life, honoring my Master.
Say That Again, Jesus, You have freed me from the bondage of sin so that I can live righteously, something I could not do when I was in bondage to sin.

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  1. Great post! You caused me to stop and think when you wrote "God has given me freedom, in that freedom I am obligated in every area of my life to honor Him". Sometimes we have to find everything within ourselves to do just that. If we do though He rewards us in so many ways!


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