Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Memory Lane

I spent the afternoon in the city yesterday. We use to live there and I have a lot of memories there. I went to an old cafe' that I use to hang out in all the time, but I didn't stay. Then, I drove up to a park where we use to take our kids to and I walked around. I walked to an old friends house and I knew I should knock on her door because there were things to say. I called my husband. I walked by the house to the end of the block and prayed, thinking that maybe God would tell me that I could just forget about it this time. The way I've dealt with things before, just forgot about them. But, He encouraged me to knock on the door. I was sure it was her house, surprisingly I remembered. She even had the same car, after 20 years! Everything looked the same, oddly the same.
I walked up the path to her door, and just as I was about to knock my phone buzzed. I had a text. I decided to check it out before knocking. It was from a friend, a good friend, and I was encouraged by God's timing. I asked her to pray. Then I knocked. I felt nervous and shaky inside, trembling actually. It took what seemed forever for someone to come to the door. Her husband answered.
God sent me to the door because He wanted me to go IN His strength. He wanted me to see that I could face unresolved fears after 20 years and walk away free. He wanted me to see that He is strong and He is good. I didn't leave trembling, I left knowing that God was in control and that God is doing an amazing work in my life and I am so excited that He loves me. I left with a burden to reach those that do not understand that, with a desire to reflect His light wherever I go.
Jesus, send me. Jesus, use me. Jesus, Say That Again! You are the light of this world and You are my Strength and my Shield, my Fortress.

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