Monday, August 8, 2011

The Grape Salad

I just made grape salad. I know, if you haven't had it before, it may not sound very good. I kinda stuck up my nose at the sound of it when my sister in law told me about it last week. But, at the same time, it got my attention because she said that it was the one thing that all picky eaters will eat! Wow, that is a huge claim in my book. We have some picky eaters in our house, I won't name them, but they know who they are :-) So, now I'm very curious if my grape salad will work on the picky eaters in our house? It's very easy to make: red grapes, green grapes, sour cream, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, brown sugar and pecans. That's it. chill, eat. I tasted it, and she's right, it's very good.
We are having friends over tonight for a barbecue and I will serve them grape salad with their burgers! I hope they think it's as good as I do. Maybe they are picky eaters and my grape salad will pull through to be an evening meal saver.
It's like me and my walk with Jesus. Sometimes I get picky and I want Him to cater to ME. I want Him to make me grape salad because the rest of the meal just isn't good enough anymore. I want Him to bless me extra fine, and I want Him to walk the extra mile. I want Him to change everything, because I'm not satisfied. I'm picky.
But, in reality, a grape is a grape and Jesus isn't always going to sugar coat for me just because I'm a picky eater. He's not going to add all the yummy toppings when I complain that things are too plain and I want more. Nope, He might ask me to try the grape and be thankful for the way it tastes. He might point out to me the blessings of all that I already have and the joy of living IN Him right where I am. He just might take the grapes that I have away for a little while, since I don't like them anyway.
I don't know, but I do know that grape salad is something to really be thankful for! Life is something to cheer about, and I want Jesus to Say That Again to me loud and clear! Jesus keep reminding me how great grape salad is and how blessed I am to have it, and when I start feeling picky, be louder!

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  1. oh, this salad sounds yummy! Let us know how your company likes it too!


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