Friday, August 12, 2011

The Captured

My son and daughter were on our bed this morning playing with the Ipad and the Iphone. They were doing great, until my daughter decided that she needed to take a peek at what my son was doing. So, she scooted a little closer to him, then plopped her head on his lap. He couldn't see what he was doing, only her big head! "MOVE" he yelled. She just scooted closer in so she could get a better view of the ipad. "Get away from me, I'm loosing my race!" he wailed. She lifted her head, which was of no help and began to cry. He pushed her arm away, and she cried even louder. He held on to her holding her captive. "Mom, she won't leave me alone!" And, so the wailing from both mouths pierced the room.
Yeah, well, the scene wasn't pretty at all by the time I walked in. I removed the ipad. Removed the iphone. Sent them each to their rooms to be held captive there for awhile, took a big deep breath, and went back to my hair.
It got me thinking again about a thought I've been having a lot the past few days. It's about being captured in the Hands of God. When I allow myself to be captured in His hands, I am then FREE! It is there that I can celebrate, dance, be at peace, pray, love, cry, hope, sing, everything, all in the hands of God. Captured. My name is engraved in the the palm of His Hand, so naturally it is a great place to be.
I use to look at the word "captured" as more of a negative word, but now I see it as positive. Because it is all about my God and what I can do for Him. He is keeping me, holding me, and guarding me. Who wouldn't want to be captured?
Jesus, Say That Again! You Have captured me in Your Hands, and I am free. I am elated, celebrating and dancing, humbly before You!

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