Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Radical Journey

Many times in my prayer time with God it feels like He is asking me to go on a radical journey with Him. It feels like He is saying, "Bethany, just step on that path even though you don't know where it goes or how it ends, just go, have a radical faith in Me!" And, then He stands behind me and gently prods me along. "Go ahead" He says, "My power is within you, and this is my will for you."
To me, this is what I call a radical, crazy, captured, faith journey! The outcome? Heaven.  Here on earth, I don't know, it could be anything, and it will more than likely involve pain. But, the cool, and radical thing about all of this is that with the pain there is peace. With the crazy moves that the world sees, it makes total sense in God's eyes. When I am captured in God's hands, I am FREE!  When I live by faith, then I am really living God's way, not my way. And, it's good, because He is good.
So, with all my big decisions lately and changes, I am on yet another radical journey. It feels good to me to know that God knows how it's all going to turn out and that He has a plan. I know what He wants me to do, but I don't know how He's going to get me there. That is the radical part. I'm waiting, watching, praying, letting Him continually capture me everyday, and living in faith.
And, the grape salad from yesterday? It was great. We had a picky eater who wasn't sure she wanted to try it. I assured her that it was especially made for picky eaters, so she took a spoonful,  and amazingly enough, she loved it! She googled the recipe, and took home leftovers. See? God, gives us so many blessings, and when we, when I, step out in faith and taste what He has given me, I see that it is very good!
Say That Again, Jesus, Your radical Journey for my life is very good!

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