Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Skitishnish

Yesterday morning I went to the bathroom sink to wash my hands and there was a giant brown spider in the sink. When I turned on the water he became very skittish, and began to skamper away as quick as he could. The problem is, I hate spiders and the quicker he was, the jumpier I became. Next problem? He was too fat to fit down the drain. I didn't want to touch him, so I left him there, with the water on him. I know, it wasn't very nice of me. Please understand, I really don't like spiders.
Even at the early hour, I thought I'd check to see if my husband was awake. He was, and he was gracious enough to get out of bed and come all the way down stairs and get the spider out of the sink for me. What a guy! It felt better to me.
I could understand the spiders skittish feeling, I've felt that way the last couple weeks. A little more so today. The reason? My story was recently published and just knowing that a lot of people might be reading it caused me to feel skittish. Kinda like the spider, he was feeling a little exposed, I think. And, he tried to run to safety, but there was no way out of the sink. Now, for me, I've written down some secrets and there's no way out of the magazine! It's been published, printed, sent, and in the homes of lots of people. Oh boy! I do feel skittish.
Now I really get the chance to walk my talk. Jesus has kept me, pulled through for me. Kept His eye on me. This morning as I was praying He brought Jude to mind again. I've read Jude many times.But, I guess He continues to bring it to mind because I need to be constantly reminded that I am called and that I am kept by Jesus Christ. I need to be reminded that Mercy, peace and love is mine in abundance!
So, Jesus, Say That Again to me. You have and will keep me today and always even when I feel skittish. You have blessed me with mercy, peace and love,and this is a good day!

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