Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fair

My kids and I went to the fair today. A friend gave us free tickets. We saw the rabbits, the sheep, the horses, and the goats. My kids really wanted to ride the rides, so my daughter rode the motorcycle and a car. They liked the slide. We ate sno cones, cotton candy, and a caramel apple. It was hot outside and we were getting tired by the end of our day. They found the fire truck to be only mildly exciting, and the garden building was incredibly boring! There was no way I could get them in to look at quilts.
By the time we left the fair, we were ready to blast the air conditioner on full high and head for home and another snack. I was thankful that Jesus had given my brain a little reprieve from a morning meeting that I had found to be a little regretful. It was one of those situations where I wonder why there can't be more celebration and less sadness? Why does someone look at what I see as a calling and say it's sad? odd? Or, even that God doesn't work that way? It would be like me telling my children at the fair that when they go on the slide they won't actually come down, but they'll go up--how odd. The slide doesn't work that way.
Or, my children are having such a great time at the fair and they are celebrating their time, but it's not a celebration, really, it's sad. and disappointing. How odd that God would work this way in their lives, isn't it?
How often do I put a damper on someone else's celebration? How often do I tell someone that God doesn't really work that way? Who am I to say how God works? He can work in another person's life anyway that He desires, and He will! How often do I try to manipulate or control someone else's choices by thinking I know all the answers?
Jesus! I am humbled before you! I just want to celebrate you today and the calling you bring to others. Create in me a belief that is powerful and real. And, do not allow me to put you or anyone else in a box, not now or ever. Shatter judgments and false beliefs.
Say That Again, Jesus, You will work Your way, You will celebrate, You will be powerful and live big.

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