Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Expectation

Today is our last day at the lake. I expect to have a great day. We have a long drive home. I expect that it will go well. My family is sailing on the lake right now, I expect that they will have fun and be safe and return to me. I have other expectations in life, I expect things from myself, and I find myself expecting things from my friends. I expect things from my family too. What about God? What are my expectations of Him? Should I have any? Does God expect something from me?
Recently, I was at an event where I was under the impression that there were no expectations of me. It was just an easy relaxing time, a time to be with God and others. I was wrong. I did not meet the expectations, I did not qualify.
How often do I expect something of God when He just wants to be with me? He wants relationship, but I'm looking for miracles, blessings, or just a different way? How often do I expect this from my friends, when it would be far more satisfying to just rest in the relationship? And, what about my family? I want them to do something? Give me something? Be somewhere? Expectations....
Jesus, take my expectations and give me relationships. Jesus, Say That Again to me so I hear it loud and clear. You want to be with me in relationship because You love me!

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