Monday, November 28, 2011

The Upheaval

The woman took a peek back, and all she saw, for a brief moment was upheaval. She watched the mad dash of life, the destruction in her own life and in the lives of others, upheaval, over and over again.
The woman didn't like what she saw, but knew she really ought to look, because looking was learning. In all the looking she could see that there was a lot of growing and a lot of changing.
The upheaval was totally caused by fear. It was the root of it all. Fear, it's like mold, it made her sick. Fear, it's like the leak in the house, leak, leak, leak. It completely destroyed the woman and created a mask. Fear, its one of those things that simply took over, and years later, it still pokes through, in various places. Fear.
The women walks. She tries to talk. She wishes she could run. The mad dash is tempting, still.
The upheaval of emotion, churning, moving, tossing, leaking. The woman knows that life never stays the same from one day to the next. Hearts hurt. Memories flare. People come, and people go. There is only one thing to be counted on, and that is God.
The woman is every woman. We reach out to each other and hold on. We grasp every moment we can with each other and laugh, cry, sing, pray, dance, and remind each other that we are loved. Step away from the mad dash, breathe through the upheaval, tell someone about the fear. Be a friend.
Jesus, I am the woman you talked to at the well, the woman that touched your robe, the woman that washed your feet, and the woman they brought to you to be condemned.  All of them in a moment of upheaval, all of them in fear, all of them full of emotion.  Jesus, you resolved it all.  Say That Again, You resolved it all

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