Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Belonging

In my devotional this morning I read about how we all want to belong. We all need that sense of security and safety, and the way to achieve that is to know that we belong to God, but also to know that we belong to each other. If we do not have each other to go to in times of joy and sorrow, to know that we belong to someone, then we have a sense of being empty and lost. We are disjointed, a puzzle that is not yet put together, the body that does not work in unity. God established human community, it is not good to be alone.
I belong to my God, and I belong to my husband, my children, my friends. I feel like I am a part of many communities of people, and I belong. I am not lonely or set apart. God has blessed me in that way. But, it hasn't always been that way; it has been a lot of work to feel like I belong.
God has challenged me to be intimate in my relationships, to be open and transparent. He has asked me to share my life with others, and to share Him with others.  He asked me to give away my secrets. To step out of my box and into the box of others and see their worlds, without judgments.  He has asked me to stay in lives and love others.
Because of this, I belong to Him. I need prayer because sometimes I fail. My life is messy. And, I don't always meet the challenge in a graceful way. God is Love and He captures me in His Hands and whispers to me to keep on trying His way. Love His way. Go back to His people and listen His way. Just as He does with me, His way.
Jesus, say that again to me, You have never given up on me. I belong to you forever, and You love me. You walk beside me, always. The Belonging, we are His, now and forever!

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