Monday, November 28, 2011

The Heartache

I find that as I grow older, my older friends are becoming frail. I have two friends in their 80's, they have been in my life since my teens, and they are now both growing very frail. Yesterday, I received a call that one of them has suffered a massive heart attack. She is now in the hospital, asleep, and no one knows if she will recover. Her sister, my dearest friend, is so sad. She loves Jesus very much and trusts that whatever happens is best, but still her heart is hurting. She knows, just as I know that there is eternity, but for this moment the pain is here and the ache is deep. The memories of all the times we have happily spent together, all the years now gone by, a life well lived. She is frail now, she is laying in a bed unable to keep herself alive, dependent on doctors.  Others are just waiting to see what the next day might bring.
I am eager for the day when there is no more sickness. I am eager to be in a place when there is no more death. I am eager for a place when our bodies no longer become frail and ill. I do not like watching my friends grow old and seeing them become helpless, I do not like growing old myself. It is a painful, vulnerable place to be. And, it happens to most everyone. If I do not die young, I will die old. My body will become frail, and I too will need someone to watch out for me. The younger people in my life will need compassion, love and support around them, people to hold them and listen to them. For when I am frail, they will need someone strong.
Jesus, You are the healer, You are compassion. Take me and use me in these situations to be who you are. Until You come, Jesus. Say That Again, use me to be who You are!

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