Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Real Stuff

My kids have good days and bad days, but everyday I have noticed that they are pretty real with each other. They don't play a lot of games, as in "I'm fine" kind of games. They tell it like it is. My daughter is especially good at this, as she can yell at the top of her lungs her passionate thoughts and feelings. As soon as she wakes in the morning she bursts through our bedroom door and she lets us know how she feels. It is usually good or bad. She never hesitates to let her brother know that she feels sad, rejected, angry, happy, joyful, playful, etc...Our son, is good at expressing his feelings by teasing. He will tickle, poke, prod. He will fart, burp, and make all kinds of strange noises. He loves to wrestle, punch, wrestle some more, cuddle, wrestle, tease, and to him, this is LOVE. Occasionally, he will break out in loud song, usually when his sister is sleeping, or make music on the walls.
The big problem occurs when they make each other their punching bags. Or their outlet for name calling, or music making, or strange noises, or too much teasing. Then, it becomes a challenging, not so fun day.
But, always, I seem to know how they feel about each other. They just don't keep that a secret, and that is pretty nice.
I sat with a group of people last night and noticed that as a group we have become like my children. We all pretty much know how we feel about each other. We are vulnerable with each other, open, honest, real. We have learned to get down to the real stuff. And, sometimes, we've even been each others punching bags. The good thing, it's been worked through. We've learned to stand by each other, through some really rough spots, stay even when others haven't, admitted our faults and our pains, our sins.
I praise God that He has blessed me with real stuff people. I sure do like that. The kind of people I can count on when life sucks. The kind that check up on me when I don't feel well, or the kind that help when things are tough. I praise God that I can tell them about my faults and my victories and know they will hear. The Real Stuff is deep stuff and it is good, because God is good. He binds us together for the good and for the tough.
Say That to me Again, Jesus, you have put people in my life to hear The Real Stuff. To surround me, love me, and to give me opportunity to do the same for them. Thank you!

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