Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Happy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful  for  this Thanksgiving.  I am so richly blessed with my God who has saved and redeemed me, He has given me breath and life. He has given me this very day that was filled with laughter, friendship, family, peace, joy, love, hope, and His Spirit. This day was a day of Thanksgiving.
We missed one of our sons today, our third son. He did not join us for Thanksgiving. It's okay. My heart misses him, but I am at peace with the choices he has made. I know God is working in his life, and it won't always be like it is now.
We did see all our other children, and it was a delight to my heart. I am thankful every time I see them and I feel blessed that God has given them to me. As a mother, I know that I am blessed to see my sons, and to have daughter in-laws that come to my home. We made Thanksgiving dinner together, and it was fun.
Friends came to our home for the day as well, and this was a blessing to my heart. They also joined in with the festivities of dinner making and laughing and conversation. My heart is full of Thanksgiving for loyal friends and family who love me and care to share their day with me! This brings me joy, and shows me the love of Jesus.
I want to reflect this to others in my life. Through Jesus, I want to be a blessing, a testament of who He is and what He does. Through Jesus, I want to shine and produce a spirit of thanksgiving and joy.  Through Jesus, I want to be a bridge for others to build relationships with each other.  Jesus, Say That Again to me, use me, send me, take me into Your spirit of Thanksgiving everyday!


  1. You are a testament of who He is and what He does. Through Jesus, you do shine, and also He shines through you. Thank you. :) Kathy


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