Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Son

Yesterday I had a very lazy day, I mean soooo lazy.  I stayed in my bed and read, and watched  a movie on my computer, and did some writing.  I ate my lunch in bed. I snuggled with my children in bed, and my husband, and of course my dog. And, I took naps, and had coffee. I only got up to let the dogs outside and feed my children. Then, I went back to bed. Finally, by 4:00, I made my way to the dresser to get on my jeans and prepare for the day :)
In our town, on the day after Thanksgiving we watch fireworks and a tree lighting. So, that was our evening activity. The air was crisp, the mood was jolly, the feeling was full of anticipation for the season of Christmas.
We sang Christmas Carols, and I thought of that night, the night Jesus was born. The gift of The Son of God. It is far more than my mind can even comprehend. I am blessed with four sons, all of them so special, and so dear to my heart. Our first born has always been so loyal, respectful, someone I have been able to count on, he is smart, handsome, funny, the list goes on....Our second born has all the same qualities, loyal, respectful, someone I can count on, smart, handsome, funny, the list goes on. Our third son has the same list, he is loyal, respectful, his family relies on him, he is handsome, funny, etc, etc.  We don't see him as often and last night when I wrapped my arms around him I didn't want to let go. He felt like warmth and home. I ruffled his hair, like he was my little boy again, and remembered reading books to him. He is in my heart, I keep him there, forever.  And, I know that there is not a single person on this earth that can take him away from my heart!
This is how it is for me and God.  I am Captured in His Hands, living in His heart, forever.  And, no one, nothing, can ever do anything about that! I cannot be snatched away from Him. The Enemy may try.  People may try. But He is holding on to me.. Just as I am holding onto my own son, he may walk away due to life circumstances and the people in his life, but that doesn't take him out of my heart!
What a joy this brings to me! And, even more so, I know that Jesus will snatch him up as well. Jesus will bring my son into his heart forever and there will be eternal reconciliation. This is His promise to me.  Nothing and no one can prevent this from happening. And, so as my arms continue to wrap my son, and the arms of Jesus wrap me, I will hear Jesus Say That Again to me: I am the gift of life, Bethany, you cannot be snatched away, nor can your son!

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