Friday, November 4, 2011

The Stupid Little Dog

Our naughty little dog is now our stupid little dog. He is cuddled up beside me as I write this, for he has no idea that I feel this way towards him. And, I do not intend to let him know. He follows me everywhere, as I've mentioned before, and I know that someday, when he is no longer with us, I will probably miss him.  But, I will not miss the stupid things he does.
This evening my husband and I were sitting in the family room, just enjoying a quiet evening and the little dog decided that he would make a bed out of the blanket that had fallen to the floor. He worked diligently for a long time on this project and I watched him. Then, he walked away from his worked, perched his leg and peed on his bed. Stupid little dog!
He knew right away, when I yelled his name, that this was not an approved behavior, and he ran to the door. But, of course the blanket was drenched in stupid little dog by then.  He stood outside the door peering in as if he had been banished for no good reason.
Now, since he peed on the bed he made for himself, he thinks he needs to sleep on my blanket as close to me as he can get. After all, he thinks he is a sweet little dog. I have friends that have been totally conned by him, they think he is sweet too, they have not met the naughty, stupid dog!
So, once again, I am reminded by my dog, that it is not behavior that brings God's favor upon me. He loves me because He is God and He wants to be in relationship with me. He wants me to sit close to him, even after I've done something horrible. He wants me to follow Him around everywhere He goes, all the time, and listen to Him.
Jesus, Say That Again to me. You love me. You accept me. And, I don't deserve it.


  1. You say stupid but i know for me if i worked diligent on a project and it wasnt turning out to my liking i would love to just pee on it and walk away :)

  2. Yes, our little dog feels that way about all his projects!


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