Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Unlikely Story

As I reflected over my year today, and praised God for all that He has done, I also realized yet again that He has brought me to an unlikely story. The circumstances, the people, the miracles, are all unlikely and can only be explained by God. When I tell my story and someone asks me how it all came about, I can only say "God".  It's true, from a world's point of view "it's an unlikely story."
I cannot explain all that He has done, or all that He asks me to do.  I just know that I will obey. I know that there are times that I look at my situation and think it's unlikely to work out for good, and find that I am wrong. For God has promised that all things will work out for my good, because I serve Him and love Him. I have found that the unlikely circumstances do not determine my future.  The unlikely relationships do not determine love or depth. The unlikely path does not determine joy. God is in control, and He determines it all.
I just need to obey Him. Often, it doesn't make sense!
Jesus, I'm an unlikely story, many of us are. Your love for me is an unlikely story. Say That Again to me, You have loved me so fully and given me an unlikely story to share with others, thank you, Jesus.

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