Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Ten Year Old

Today is my son's birthday. He is ten years old! He is our youngest son and for both my husband and I it is hard to believe that he is ten years old already.
He was born on my husbands birthday.  On the day of his birth we decorated the room with a banner that said "happy birthday" and we had cake. Friends and family were there, balloons added to the festivities. It was a joyous day.
Our three older sons were somewhat fascinated with the little creature that was their new brother, and each one of them picked a name for him. Each one of them has loved him deeply and richly and influenced him in very impacting ways.
We celebrated his birthday, along with my husband's birthday yesterday.  Everyone in the family came together to show them love. We laughed. We played games. We ate. My son spent time with his brothers.
I praise God that He has given my son such a rich blessing of influence and love. My ten year old is growing so fast. Ten more years, and he will be like my other adult sons, all grown up. But, for now, he still likes to wrestle with me, tickle his sister, cuddle and sit on my lap. He loves to play with his friends, and ride his bike and skateboard. He likes to spike his hair, and he complains about taking a shower.
God has put him in my life for relationship and for love.  It is an amazing gift. As challenging as he is on some days, he is the best gift ever! And, this is something I am learning about relationships, as challenging as they are, they are this amazing gift. Nothing should get in the way.
My relationship with God is first and the more I nurture that, the stronger I will be. He will make me a strong branch, the bridge for others, fruitful and loving. Then, the relationships I have with others, even with the challenges, will be loving, fulfilling and my priority. This is my desire, because this is the way Jesus walked on earth. He lived for God and for others.
As I watch my son live, I have realized that it is the way he lives. His life revolves around relationship. He is learning about God, and everything else in his life is about his family and his friends. That is where his value lies.
Jesus, Say That Again to me, build me up to be in relationship Your way. To see Your way, walk Your way, talk Your way. 

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