Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Time line

I've been working on a time line for my life, so far there's not that much that I remember. As I've been going, I've been asking God to bring back the memories that He wants on my Time line.
Last night as my husband and I were discussing the time line, we thought about our children and what the time line of their life will look like when they grow up.  Will our son look back and not remember his days of basketball, or the fun summers with his friends? Will our daughter forget when she had her ears pierced or our trips to the beach?
Will they be able to look back at the time line of their lives and see where God has kept them and walked with them along the way? How will they see the rest of us in the family? Everyone has different perceptions, different feelings, different ideas....
This morning as I was reading in Romans 4 about Abraham and his time line of faith in God, there was a one-liner that I grabbed onto: "it was by embracing what God did for him that Abraham was declared fit before God!"
I think that much of my time line entails me trying to do something for God, or even worse, ignoring God altogether.  Yet, as I look at it, I can see that He was still embracing me, God was embracing me until I was ready and capable to embrace Him. And now, I'm captured in His hands, embracing His freedom!
I only made it to age 21 on my time line, I have a long ways to go. This morning I thought about my future time line and the promises that God has made to me about that.  It entails a walk with Him, embracing Him and knowing that He has a calling and a plan. It's wrapping up the past time line, so it can be used to help others in the future, it's a long process, I've discovered.
Say That Again, Jesus, You are my time line, because you make me who I am and You are my focus and You bring me my resolve. I will look to you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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