Monday, November 7, 2011

The Summer Visits

I had no idea what to write about this morning. That is unusual for me. Normally, I sit down, and five minutes later I have a post all down. But, yesterday it was the same way, nothing. And, I didn't bother to ask God because I didn't want to know what He would tell me. Today, I asked Him and He brought to my mind to write about my summer visits to my grandmothers house.  When that come to mind it was a mixture of good smells and smiles, but also I thought of her telling me of seances, spirit guides, and palm readers. She was not a Christian, and had no desire to know Jesus.
I loved my Grandmother. I loved that she fed me meat sandwiches even though I was a vegetarian. I love that she put coffee in my milk,  and sugar on my buttered bread.  I love that her purse smelled like juicy fruit gum.  I love that she held my on her lap. And, I love that when I drew on her wall with her lip stick she kept it there til the day she died! I love that my grandmother adored me.  She canned fruits and vegetables all summer long and baked treats in her kitchen.  She loved to watch game shows like the Price is Right. And, she wished that my mom would marry someone like Perry Mason.
She gave me my Christmas presents early, then went out and bought me more. She always woke up early on Christmas morning and loved to see me all the time. She always had pizza and cold cereal and milk. She never told me that I couldn't eat. She didn't say no!
My summer visits saved me. They were a relief for me. My grandmother was a godsend. I don't know where her heart was when she died, she was unable to speak on her death bed. God knows. Her heart towards me was very kind and loving.
Jesus, thank you for giving me this blessing through my grandmother. Allow me to bless others in this way.
Jesus Say That Again, summer visits impact the lives of others.  I drew on her wall and she kept it for years. She fed me when I was hungry, and she held me. She loved me. You worked Your love through my grandmother!

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