Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Little House

There was a big church with a lot of godly people. It was a nice church. The people sang songs every week and they prayed to God every week. They talked in the foyer every week. It was a mighty fine church.
There was a woman that came to the church that had a gift. She knew she had a gift because God told her it was her gift, and she knew when God was speaking to her. He was pretty clear to her.
A lot of the people in the church did not think that God actually spoke audibly to anybody, so it seemed a little weird to them that the woman was saying that God spoke to her. Oh well , some people are weird.
The woman stepped out and offered her gift, but the leaders in the church didn't see the gift as fitting in their box, so they pushed it away.  It was a gift that was not wrapped properly. They didn't really want it, they thought she should keep it for herself. It wasn't time for her to share her gift.
She felt a little sad that godly people were so harsh and could not hear the same spirit. But, God calmed her and gently whispered to move on. She turned and walked away. The woman knew that God would not waste the gift that He had established. So, she opened the doors to the little house in another town and asked women to join her.
Broken women came, and they learned. But, it didn't happen easily. The church might have been happy and used the little house, but instead they chose not to. And the woman was sad.  And, the enemy divided, even in the family.  And, the battle raged. But, God made a promise to the woman that He would expand the territory of the little house, and so He has.  And, God sees victory again and again.
And, the story continues with the little house that sits downtown waiting to shine more and more. It has been given to God to shine for His glory. It is used, and used, and used. Supported by one business, used by many, scorned by some.  A place of healing, God's light, a place to be fed spiritually, physically, emotionally. The little house of memories.
It continues to give, give, and give some more. And, the woman prays. All the women pray. And, the church doesn't see the gift of the little house,  it's torn, it's open, it's raw. It reminds me a lot of the gift that is not accepted in its own town, yet has so much to offer.
Jesus, Say That Again, Keep my heart open to all your gifts, don't let me reject them. I want to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, speak through your mouth. I want to see in the little house, and in the church and bring unity, Jesus, use me, send me, minister through me!

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