Friday, November 25, 2011

The Bridge

As I was driving to see a friend last week  I was talking to God about relationships and connections and He said to me that I was a bridge. He told me that He was using me to be a connection for many women to build relationships with each other, and to be a bridge between them. And, from that bridge there was fruit. He gave me a mental picture of women coming to our ministry, connecting with other women through me by the grace of Jesus, and building relationship, growing in love, trust, hope and strength of His Spirit, and then connecting with even more women. Building their own bridges.
Sometimes, I forget about being a bridge. I become a draw bridge, and women can't cross.  I let fear or my own issues get in the way. Sometimes, I simply forget that God is going to take care of me in His wondrous way, I do not have faith. I draw the bridge, and run away.
But, this morning as I was praying, God simply said to me again, "Bethany, I am here always. I have never left you. I will never leave you. Child, my love for you cannot be measured. It does not have boundaries. I am your home, Bethany, your safety, your place to rest. Be my Bridge."
People walk on bridges. Bridges are stretched out, laid out, and used for the connection of one place to another. They are needed. They have purpose. Be My Bridge.  He continually stretches me to speak, connect, move, seek, run to Him. He asks me to believe, have faith, love, obey, get up and listen!
It's another day with Jesus, and I'm asking Him to SAY THAT AGAIN!

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